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Russian Cruise Missiles Revisited

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Pyongsan and Sillamäe

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Visualizing the Iran Deal

E3/EU+3 or P5+1

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Notes from the NPT REVCON

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Frameworks and Agreements

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Me, in DC on Friday

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It’s Not A Rocket

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Smerch or Toksa?

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Note from a Small Organization

Additional Thoughts on Burma

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A Few Words on Ed Snowden

Taiwan Research Reactor

Syria, Forgeries and False-Flags

Crowdsourcing Russian ICBMs

Japan’s Pu and the Cookie Problem

PENAID Control & the MTCR

US-RF Nuclear Security Cooperation

DPRK’s New 300 mm MLRS

Security Lapse at Volkel

Trial Operational Deterrence

Project Dribble (Uniform Vela)

Hagap (하갑) UGF

A Chinese “Nuclear Umbrella” for Ukraine?

Russian INF Compliance

The Curious Case of Red Mercury

Some Think Size Matters

Home Sweet Home with AQ Khan 2/2

Home Sweet Home with AQ Khan 1/2


Israel, Nuclear Weapons and the 1973 Yom Kippur War

Kemp: Setting a Goal for Iran Talks

China’s New Centrifuge Plants

Yongbyon 5MWe Restart

Minding Assad’s Red Line

Syria CW Elimination Modalities

Acton on CPGS

North Korea Machine Tool Sites

Russian Early Warning

Disappointing Syria Documents

Size Doesn’t Matter

Cruise Missile Proliferation

Plutonium Mountain

David C. Jones, 1921-2013

DPRK Armistice Parade

Chong Chon Gang Interdiction

Saudi Arabia’s Strategic Dyad

CTBTO Policy Course

Crowdsourcing Scud Launches

Disarmament Winners and Losers

Is This Where North Korea Makes Its Centrifuges?

More EMP Nonsense

Is the Musudan Real?

Inspections at Minot

Traffic Wardens and Kim Posters

Anon O’Moose on Missile Defense

Syria and Sarin

North Korea’s Nuclear Arsenal: Guide for the Perplexed

North Korean Targeting

No More 721 Reports

Writing on the Wall

Pierre Noir, Again

Show and TEL

Ring Magnets


Emerging Powers and Nuclear Politics

Crazy Korea Story

CNS/LLNL Safeguards Course

Guest Post: Droning On

Ward Wilson Wednesdays Part 4

FSA Overruns Al Kibar

Making Yield Estimates

Yield Estimation Placeholder

Inappropriate Target

Ward Wilson Wednesdays Part 3

DPRK Test Tunnel


Ward Wilson Wednesdays Part 2

Setting Expectations for a DPRK Test

Agent 15 Items

Ward Wilson Wednesdays

North Korea’s Juche Rocket

Energomash Research Complex

Sanger and Shanker Confusion

Missile Defender Day

Death Star Amendment

More Unha Wreckage

Subcritical Experiments

How about an iPad?

Sutyagin on Russia’s TacNukes

Unha Debris Revisited

Unha Debris

More Iranians in North Korea

Iranians in North Korea?

Patton on Pakistan’s U Supply

Iran, Immunity and Diagrams

IAEA Hacking

Myanmar Rare Earths Stuff

Rare Earths

Fact-Checking From Low-Earth Orbit

Greetings from Vienna

Elahe Mohtasham Decision

Nuclear Nightmares Revisited

Close Calls

Neutron Letter Bombs

Banning Nuclear-Armed ABMs

SLCM Data Exchanges Revisited

PSA: CTBT Advanced Science Course

RoK Missile Rationale Roulette

Bibi’s Bomb: Guide for the Perplexed

Where Is Israel’s Red Line for Iran?

KN-08 Markings

The Button

China Exports SWU

Nunn Lugar Prize

On That Aeroflot Advert

Reciprocal Unilateral Measures

Deterring Syria’s CW

Ayatollah’s Pregnant Pause

Diplomacy 101

My Own Sleuthing From Home

Do We Need ICBMs?

DPRK Panel of Experts

When the Navy Declassifies …

Iran Mil Power Report

Resuming SLCM Data Exchanges

Yesin on China’s Nukes

Iran-Venezuela Explosives Cooperation

Venezuela-Iran UAVs

ICBM Basing Modes

Kelley on Parchin

Return of the Hard Mobile Launcher

Syrian Missiles

Origins of the Musudan IRBM

Nuclear Weapons Budget, Revisited

DPRK Threatens ROK Media

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Schmucker & Schiller on the SS-N-6

Say “Landscape Architect” in Farsi


On That East Coast GMD Site

Detonation Chamber at Parchin

Pierre Noir Revisited

Secret US Trip To Pyongyang?

Extending Deterrence from the Triad

Adventures of Kim Jong Un

Pierre Noir

Addendum on KN08

Real Fake Missiles?

Lee Myung-bak as Rat?

More on DPRK TELs


North Korea’s Upcoming Launch

DPRK GDAE Stationery

Saudi Storm Shadow Sale Confirmed

Hostile Intent

Rockets and the Leap Day Deal

A Nuclear Coup

Long Range Missiles Of Any Kind

Honest Johns in Korea

Tuppenny Trident?

Significant Quantities Rant

Goldschmidt on Iran

Atoms For Peace, Baby

AP Story on “Steep” Nuclear Cuts

On That Burning Russian SSBN

Two DPRK Nuclear Tests in 2010?

DIAC has a Scud!

North Korea’s Leadership Transition and Proliferation

Thérèse Delpech (1948-2012)

India Was Khan’s Fourth Customer

Pakistan’s Nuclear Artillery?

Farewell Happy Hour, Thursday 12/15

Collected Thoughts on Phil Karber

12 Nov Blast at Military Base in Iran

The Nuclear Weapons Budget

Plushkino Traffic Jam

Site F near Sabha

Deterrence Under Sequestration

At The Crossroads With Iran

Closing The File On Hasaka

AP On Hasaka

Missile Exhibition in Tehran

Patton on Khushab

Hasaka Spinning Factory Revisited

Full Cost Accounting & the B53

Hasaka Spinning Factory

More on Iran at the GC

Iranian Giveaway at the GC

DPRK Nuclear Tests

DPRK Road Mobile ICBM?

B83 Mod X

Public Service Announcements

Where Are The Rest of Khan’s Docs?

AQ Khan Documents

Revisiting Bush’s Decision on Al Kibar

IAEA DG Reports on Iran, DPRK

The Case Against ElBaradei

No Shoot Down

Araxos, A-Bombs & Alcohol

Libya’s Scud-B Force

Compliance Reports

Bolton and DeSutter on INF

“Monkey with a Grenade”

Iran Marketing Missiles?

Talking Warheads on EMP

Gibrat’s Theorem

I Still Call It The JAEC


Advanced Issues in Arms Control

Saga of the Monchegorsk

Joyner on the NSG

Memo from Jon Byong Ho

The Bhangmeter


Carlson on Syria

ENR Transfers, Pending

Nuclear Matters 2011

Reflections of A Nuclear Weaponeer

B61 Mod 12 Revisited

More on the Gerdab Nuke Test Story

Day After Iran’s First Nuclear Test

Greetings from Seoul

Full Text of GOV/2011/40

More Saudi/Storm Shadow/MTCR

Who Will Host the Fuel Bank?

Storm Shadow, Saudi & the MTCR

On Memorial Day

Atomic Cupcakes

Uranium Deuteride Initiatiors Redux

Panel of Exports Report on DPRK

Tunnel Re-sealing at Semipalatinsk

“New” Radiation Symbol

The Hunt for Small Potatoes

Worst Chart Ever

AQ Khan on the Pak Stockpile

Additional Protocol and ENR Transfers

More Mongolia Spent Fuel Storage

Lowy Interviews John Duncan

W78 Pit Corrosion

Greetings from Bruxelles!

GAO on the B61 LEP

The Thing Is Superb Physics

A Belated, Happy Easter

Israel and North Korea

FEPC Info Sheets 4/15-4/20

FEPC Info Sheet 4/14

FEPC Info Sheet 4/13

FEPC Info Sheets 4/11, 4/12

FEPC Info Sheet 4/8

Mongolian SNF Depot

FEPC Info Sheet 4/7

FEPC Info Sheet 4/6

FEPC Info Sheet 4/5

FEPC Info Sheet 4/3

FEPC Info Sheet 4/1

FEPC Info Sheet 3/31

Pyroprocessing is Reprocessing

FEPC Info Sheet 3/30

FEPC Info Sheet 3/29

Localized Criticalities at Fukushima?

FEPC Info Sheet 3/28

TEPCO Info Update 3/25

Happy Hour On Tuesday

FEPC Info Sheet 3/25

TEPCO Info & Thermographs

FEPC Info Sheet 3/24

Deterrence During Disarmament

FEPC Statement 2/23

TEPCO Update 3/22

FEPC Statement 3/22

Radiation Doses

Libya’s Lessons for North Korea

FEPC Statement 3/21

FEPC Statement 3/20

FEPC Statement 3/19

Clapper on Iran NIE

FEPC Statement 3/18

Nuclear Boy

Another FEPC Statement

Most Recent FEPC Statement

Zirconium Cladding Fire Resources

New FEPC Statement

Another FEPC Statement

IAEA on Fukushima

FEPC Statement on Fukushima

Update from Tokyo

Rokkasho Visit

Off to Japan

Hong Kong as Transshipment Point

Bushehr Cooling Pump

GOV/2011/7 & GOV/2011/8

Greetings from Las Vegas

Big ‘Toping

Extended Deterrence

On Spinning Libyan Centrifuges

Pyongyang Pig Factory

Burmese Space Shuttle

Proliferation Assessments

Nuclear Night

Still in DC

IGCC Nuclear Posture Event

More IAEA Fuel Bank Docs

Russian New START Resolution

China and No First Use

IAEA Fuel Bank

Operation Groundhog

The Next START

Read Behind

Greetings from Akumal

S is for Strategic, T is for …

All I Want for X-Mas is New START

How Many NORK Enrichment Sites?

2010 ACA Person of the Year

Britain’s Independent Deterent 2

A Note To Readers

180 NATO Nukes

Russian Tactical Nuclear Weapons

More on NATO Nukes

Pakistan HEU Repatriation

NATO Nukes

Wikileaks and “CableGate”

Transcendental Meditation & the NPT

IAEA Reports on Iran, Syria

NORK Enrichment Facility

Greetings from Brazil

Baikal 1

Musings on Turkey

Moving On!


North Korea Sanctions Report

It Ain’t No Thing

New START At A Crossroads

More on EPURE

UK-France Nuclear Weapons Coop

Biscuits, Cookies, and Nuclear Bombs

Heinonen in Haaretz

Release the Hounds!

Extended Deterrence Policy Committee

The Cooling Tower

It’s a Comb-Over!

Another Kleine Brogel Bombspotting

Persistent Engagement and DPRK Transition

How Suicide Bombers Are Like Nuclear Ones

Why China Won’t Engage

Clinton PDDs and PRDs

Klaatu Barada Nikto

A Curious Sort of Leak

Why ICBMs are Hard to Build

Back in the US

Iran and Syria Reports

Iran’s Qiam Missile Comments

Schmucker/Schiller on Iran’s Qiam

The M Word

Now We’re Just Negotiating The Price

Black Helicopters

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

Patience is a Virtue

A Walk In The Woods


Cheater's Risk

Ingram on Lib Dems and Trident

Arnie Kanter, 1945-2010

T-D'ag Misrepresents JASON Report

Japan Releases NCND Documents

IPFM & Khushab 2 Come Online


Gov/2010/10 and Gov/2010/11

Bulavas Whirling Though the Sky

Another Bulava Failure

Official: Ankara Doesn't Need NATO Nukes


IAEA BoG Reports

ACW Happy Hour, Thursday, October 8, 6ish

Hibbs on the BOB

O'Connor on the BOB

Big Odd Myanmar Box

Revisiting the W76-1 SLEP

SS-21 Debris In Georgia, Revisited

IAEA Reports on Iran and Syria

Geneva, We Have a Workplan

North Korean Nuclear Test Mb

NORK Test Still Small (Not)

2009/2010 College Debate Topic

Chilton Repeats the Vacuum Tube Myth

Gates to Triad: Drop Dead

Reader Comments in the NY Times

Das Puffen Boomer

Where Nuclear Weapons Go To Die

Biden p0wns CTBT Ratification, Maybe

Subcritical Testing at Lop Nor

Twittering Now

Unha/Taepodong Test Imminent

Britain's Independent Deterrent

More Classified Nuclear NSPDs

WaPo "Fact Checkers" Blow it … Again

North Korea Tosses IAEA Inspectors

NORK Missile Facility Spotted in 06/07

What Happens in Vienna …

New NORK Missile and Space Launch Facility

I Buried Kim

Bullsh*t Hydrazine Story

UCS Convention Ads

Marisa Ann Sketo-Kirsh

More on that TE rollover at Minot


Strategic Posture Commission Update

I'm clean

Korea Docs

Olmert Claims BOE was "Nuclear-Related"

Norway Pledges $5 Million for IAEA Fuel Bank

China Stuff Today

FIA Autopsy

Nuke Planning Against DPRK, Libya & Friends

Blair on Hair Trigger Alert

Syria and Nuclear Weapons, Again

More Senator Clinton on Nuclear Weapons

Albright on Disablement

Michael Allen Tapped for NSC Gig

Mission to Moscow

Errol Morris on Roger Fenton

Kyl On Classified Space Spending

So Long, St. Pete

Jason & RRW: The Plot Thickens

JASON Questions RRW

Syria's Nuclear Program

Ah, They Were Scuds

Extracting Uranium from Phosphates

Off to Beijing (and Mianyang)!

The Great Algerian Nuclear Weapons Scare

Maintaining Deterrence in the 21st Century

Did We Flip Tahir, Too?

Busboys and Bomb Scares

NORK Solid Fuel SRBMS?

Guest Bloggers

Italian Stallions & Plutonium

DF-31: Initial Threat Availability

Iraqi Scientists In Iran?

NAS: Partially Fund Conventional Trident

Senators: 'Tsup With India-Iran Mil-to-Mil?

Extend START

Paul Doubts 3,000 Centrifuge Report

Are We Prepared for Nuclear Attack?

Wassenaar Arrangement: Hot or Not?

More Tarhuna CW Facility

Tarhuna CW Facility

START Talking

Get Enriched or Die Tryin' 2


Greetings from Middlebury

Office of Technology Assessment

His Own Private Idaho

Musharraf On Khan & North Korea

FIA joins Misty on SpySat Budget Scaffold


Me: No Evidence To Back Up ASAT Claims in Chinese Military Power

Trey Obering is a Fool

Pritchard on US Korea Policy

North Korea's One Ton Bomb?

China's Naval Buildup

Kinetic Energy Cavity Penetrator Weapon

Srebrenica — 10 Years Later

My Humble Thanks

Sustaining the Nuclear Enterprise – A New Approach

WMD Proliferation Financing Executive Order

Maintaining Nuclear Deterrence in the 21st Century

Chinese Dragon Awakens

Off to Beijing, Chinese Military Power Delays

Katz-Hyman on Outer Space Threats

Yuan Class Submarine

Human Events: Satire?

Deep Throat and Arms Control

Showing "Skunk" Baxter Some Love

CRS on Reliable Replacement Warhead

Off to New York

Significant Quantity: OSD Field Guide

How Many Rogue State Hard and Deeply Buried Targets?

North Korea and the "New York Channel"

Kim Possible: Daily Show Runs Satellite Image of Suspected NK Test Site

Hay Adams @ 6:30 Tonight …

Iranian EMP "Threat"


China's Nuclear Capability

More Bang for your NASA Buck

The Fourth Customer

JEL'ing Like Olivier

More on the XSS-11

The Bomb, Dmitry. The Hydrogen Bomb.


Kissinger Undergoes Heart Procedure

Might Pakistan place nuclear weapons On F-16s?

1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention

Outsourcing Deterrence

F-16s to Pakistan

Strategy of the Weak

Gertz and Arkin

Nuclear Numerology Chinese Style

Hitler's Bomb

Hans Bethe, 1906-2005

Safety and Security of Russian Nuclear Facilities Report

The Chinese Nuclear Weapons Design That Ended Up in Libya

Dennis Papadopoulos

What to do with UNMOVIC

CBO on Nuclear and Missile Defense Cuts

North Korean Nuclear Weapons.

Ballistic and Cruise Missile Threat (NASIC, 2003)

A Note to Readers, Updated

Fun with Torture

Ah, Wing-nuts.

Natwar’s N-speak and other craziness from the Subcontinent

Postol Op-Ed in the Boston Globe

About Me

About James Acton

Nuclear Test Watch

About hexive

Word of the Day: "Geheimdienst"

A European Perspective on Iran

Colin Powell Resigns

BAS on Smallpox & Vanunu

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Weblog

Ted Taylor, 1929-2004

Kaplan on Nitze

PIPA Gets Some Hot Blog Action

Paul Nitze, 1907-2004

Kaplan on Strangelove

Nuclear Weapons: Lost & Found

The whole story about Libya

Debate thoughts

A Democratic National Security Strategy & Arms Control

New Assessment of Cuban BW Effort

DARPA gets the X-37

Greetings from Rock Island, IL

Iraq and GPS Jamming

Augustana Convocation

That’s Dr. Arms Control Wonk to you, sucker …

Space Based Radar for Missile Defense

The Economist

Chinese SSBN

Missile Defense, Russian reaction …

Intelligence Analysis and Bayesian Analysis

Nuclear Information Project

Feel the love

NATO Nuclear Weapons

Edwards Introduces Dr. Strangelove

Dude, check out Saddam/’s Sidearm!

The Allawi Factor


Well, maybe it was about oil …

What ICC Exemption?

Al Gore on Foreign Policy

New York Times/’ Mea Culpa

Buzz Aldrin, Meet Yang Liwei

International Criminal Court

Steve Cambone

Bad Manners At the State Department

Young, Right-Wing and Stupid in Iraq

Go Sonia! Congress wins in India. Bush will blow it, again.

NFIRE Stumbles in Senate

Rumsfeld on Torture

North Korea Taepodong Test Preparations

More Iraqi torture

An Iraqi Enclave Strategy

ICRC: Iraq Abuses Widespread

Abuses in Iraq

Its only 20 million killed …

National Aerospace Initiative

Reporting on WMD

Putin Calls for Space Weapons Ban

Chinese kidnapped in Iraq

Iraq vs. Alaska: Battle of the Boondoggle Bridges

Bin Ladin Determined to Strike In US

CENTCOM: No Damage to the Mosque

Seigman on Sheik Ahmed Yassin Assasination

KMT Conspiracy Theories

Taiwan Election Close; Chen Wounded in Shooting

Aznar Campaigns on Madrid Victims

Film and Photographs

Transformational Satellite and Space-Based Radar in Trouble?