Jeffrey LewisBig ‘Toping

I just don’t know what to say. The Onion is sheer genius.


  1. Captain Ned (History)

    That brief Onion clip is far better than the last movie I saw that was based on a teenager building a nuke, a/k/a 1986’s The Manhattan Project, starring John Lithgow, Christopher Collet, and Cynthia Nixon.

    The true groaner in that movie was at the very end when the home-built nuke somehow got activated (as if it wasn’t going to happen) and it took some electronic surgery from Lithgow & Collet to stop it from going BOOM. When they successfully defused the weapon, the timer read 07:16:45. If I’d had anything to hand, I would have hurled it at the screen.

  2. Charlotte (History)

    Didn’t 17-year-old “Radioactive Boy Scout” David Hahn actually ‘tope in 1993?

  3. Andrew Tubbiolo (History)

    It’s probably an abusive family that push their kids to become breeders.

  4. Dan Joyner (History)


  5. Jochen Schischka (History)

    Absolutely hilarious!

    Maybe they should make another ‘documentary’ on the second up-and-coming youth activity, too:


    (aka designing and mass-producing ballistic missiles in similar behind-the-closet factories…)