Jeffrey LewisNuclear Matters 2011

The Office of the Deputy Assistant to the Secretary  of Defense for Nuclear Matters  — DATSD(NM) — has issued the 2011 edition of Nuclear Matters, which is significantly revised and expanded from the copy I have. (Here is a link to the 2008 edition.)

Nuclear Matters is probably the most useful reference book in my library on a day-to-day basis.

(I know, you are thinking “Assistant to the Secretary? Is that like Assistant to the Regional Manager?”  Have I ever mentioned that I actually worked with someone who literally did that, albeit with slightly different titles?)


  1. Anonymous (History)

    You missed the part where in 2011 they dropped the “the”. DATSD(NM) is now DASD(NM).

    • Jeffrey (History)

      Did they? I did miss that part. It always seemed silly to me. Am glad they did it.

    • Kevin (History)

      I think the # of ASDs and/or DASDs was limited by law until last year, thus the ATSD/DATSD construct. But I haven’t the details at hand.