Jeffrey LewisAdvanced Issues in Arms Control

On occasion, I offer a public service announcement.

My friend, Bruce MacDonald, is teaching a week-long class along with Mike Lekson at USIP.  I sent one of my research assistants to a previous iteration of the class and he had nothing but good things to say about Bruce as an instructor and the experience in general.

Bruce tells me the fee is only $195, which basically covers breakfast and lunch for the five days.  Here is his pitch:

The previous arms control/nonproliferation classes have been well-reviewed by the students: both rated 8+ out of 10 maximum.  The Academy at USIP puts a lot of emphasis on small group discussions and simulations, and the students of this course get plenty of both.  They will get a chance to negotiate a follow-on New START agreement, with half the class representing the US, half Russia, and cued up to inject real-world interagency dynamics/negotiations as well.   We also are doing a daylong exercise involving China and missile defense, only where China is projected to be the deployer.  We’ve done this exercise before and it always gives interesting results.

I don’t know, I sort of want to take the class!  You can register online at the USIP website.

And if someone wants to write up the results of the China simulation, that’d be great too.