Jeffrey LewisAbout hexive

Readers often remark about the look and feel of my blog. The entire operation, from database to hosting, is a gift from my friend Greg. He runs a web development shop called hexive (logo at right) that focuses on small businesses, non-profits and one blog.

I’ve known him since we were college roomates.

A few years ago, I was Director of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA). I inherited a website mess from a very pricey New York firm that shall remain nameless.

Greg came aboard and provided APSIA with a beautiful and functional site at fraction of the cost. He then rescued the Public Policy and International Affairs Program from website purgatory and just recently gave CISSM some new web-tools.

Every time I recommend Greg, he makes me look awesome.

I just wanted to say “thanks.”


  1. paul (History)

    I like the look too, but I have one suggestion/request: change the link “value” (make it darker). More contrast between the links and the background will improve usability (make the links easier to read).

  2. Anders Widebrant (History)

    I agree, the yellow links on white background often make me squint. I think they went from regular to bold not long ago, which helped, but a darker colour would be even better.

  3. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    That’s my choice. I’ve tried darker colors, but they look odd. I’ve been thinking about a redesign — Greg patiently listens to my many half-based ideas — for a while … Thoughts?

  4. AHM (History)

    Blue is always good, especially since many browsers color links blue by default. Human interface consistency and all that.

    Also, the title of the permanent link to each article is currently how old the article is, which is odd. Making the title of each article or something that says “permanent link” the name of the permanent link might be useful.

    Redo the CISSM website? For the love of god, please, please, please have him fix it… I get headaches from the color scheme alone.

  5. Arrigo (History)

    I initially really liked the yellow links but now that I often work in the dark because of sleeping family too close for a desk light it does become ilegible.

    Everything else is a beautifully simple design, keep it that way (it also loads quickly from across the Pond which never hurts…).

    At the cost of being pedantic perhaps you could add the “title” attribute to the links so that you get a tooltip with a description in black on white? That would go quite some way towards “solving” the problem without ruining the design.

    Or perhaps a slightly darker shade of gold? Having a slightly grey background to links?

  6. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    Yes, my many negative comments about the CISSM website have been a real career booster at work.

    Ever tell someone that their website is so pathetic that it is worse than none at all? Try it; the response is usually priceless.