Jeffrey LewisA Note to Readers, Updated

I started in March 2004 for inchoate reasons. Over time, I’ve constructed an elaborate post-hoc rationalization for the site focusing on four goals:

  1. To report items of interest that wouldn’t make it into the New York Times,
  2. Place arms control related developments into context and correct lousy reporting,
  3. To explore the foundations of arms control and other cooperative security strategies, and
  4. Finally, to amuse myself and others.

Toward that end, I asked Jane Vaynman to join the blog in September 2006. Jane will cover arms control issues from Moscow, where she is a Fulbright Scholar. Paul Kerr, a Research Analyst at the Arms Control Association, also blogged here from October 2004 – September 2006. Paul now maintains his own blog, TotalWonkerr, but occasionally crossposts here.

The opinions expressed here are our own and not those of our respective employers.

As I contemplate the future of this blog, I am always eager for feedback or tips. Comments are welcome, provided they are constructive and civil. Thanks for reading.