Jeffrey LewisNorth Korean Nuclear Weapons.

They say they got ‘em.

Do they? Why did they choose to share this information?

Film at 11. Or blog post at like … later.


  1. J. (History)

    Bluff. Guy with his hand in his jacket pocket saying “don’t move, I have a gun.” You’re the AC expert, I thought this behavior was pretty typical of N. Korea’s bad guy-good guy schizoid behavior to keep the US negotiators off-balance. Bluff and see what US will give us to not do anything crazy.

  2. dan (History)

    from the statement, as published (translated?) by the BBC (the NYT quotes the same language):

    “We had already taken the resolute action of pulling out of the NPT and have manufactured nukes for self-defence to cope with the Bush administration’s evermore undisguised policy to isolate and stifle the DPRK.”

    “Nukes?” What are they, Greenpeace?

  3. tim (History)

    I don’t know if this has been confirmed or not but I find it interesting that The DPRK’s announcement comes after this alleged purchase from Pakistan.

  4. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    I don’t take the Seoul Shinmun claim seriously.

    North Korea has enough plutonium to makes its own bombs.