Jeffrey LewisMore IAEA Fuel Bank Docs

Last week, I made available two IAEA documents relating to the establishment of  Fuel Bank — the BOG Resolution (GOV/2010/70) and a supporting document (GOV/2010/67).

Here are two more:

Assurance of Supply, Information from the IAEA Secretariat with respect to the comments and questions of Member States, 2010/Note 1 (28 January 2010)

Request by the Russian Federation regarding its Initiative to Establish a Reserve of Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) for the Supply of LEU to the IAEA for its Member States, GOV/2009/76 (11 November 2009)

Keep ’em coming.


  1. Pavel (History)

    Thank you. The Angarsk link doesn’t work, though.

  2. Jeffrey (History)

    Should work now.

  3. Dan Joyner (History)

    Jeffrey, thanks very much indeed for these docs. They are very valuable. I’m very gratified to see that the IAEA assurance of supply document goes into so much detail and clarity regarding the relationship between the fuel bank and NPT Article IV, and that it strikes what i consider to be the proper tone on this relationship.
    This is an issue that I discuss in depth in my new book (warning: unashamedly self serving book plug) “Interpreting the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty,” which is coming out in May with Oxford University Press.
    Dan Joyner

  4. Pavel (History)

    Thank you. It works.

    I have a theoretical question for those who know IAEA-speak – would India be eligible? Both banks require that “the receiving State has brought into force an agreement with the IAEA requiring the application of safeguards on all its peaceful nuclear activities.” Do I understand it right that all that is not safeguarded is not considered “peaceful” there?

    • Daniel Horner (History)

      I wouldn’t claim to be fluent in IAEA-speak, but people who apparently are say that India would not be an eligible recipient. See (warning: moderately self-serving article plug) However, it should be noted that India, in its statement explaining its vote in favor of the fuel bank proposal, said, “As a country with advanced nuclear technology, India would like to participate as a supplier state in such initiatives.”