Jeffrey LewisBack in the US

I am just back from a swing through Asia that ended in a little visit to the Lighthouse of Hope for Happiness and Prosperity on Earth — better known as the Korea Institute for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Control.

(Think I am kidding about the Lighthouse comment? Check out the KINAC PR video at 00:50.)

KINAC is one of the many “Korea Institutes” — this one charged with supporting efforts to ensure that South Korea complies with its nonproliferation obligations and maintains adequate export controls.  It’s a nice idea, following recent KAERI incidents.

Anyway, the folks at KINAC were generous hosts. I gave a long presentation on North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, some of which I hope to cannibalize for a couple of blog posts.

I also managed a few days in Beijing for the PIIC (aka ISODARCO) conference.  Lots to report there, too, but for now a pair of restaurant recommendations.  If you like Yunan food (and trust me, you like Yunan food) check out Feng Huang Zhu and Dali Courtyard.  And, for that night cap, Amilal.


  1. shaheen (History)

    Sure beats Areva’s 2008 “Funky Town” ad. No wonder the South Koreans won the Emirati contract. Just better marketing skills.