Jeffrey LewisNuclear Night

Credit: Brad Lindsey

Sorry about the dearth of posting lately — last week was one of those periods where I am pretty convinced I should have gone to law school instead of getting a PhD.

On an amusing note, the Tri-City Americans — a Western Hockey League team based in Kennewick, WA — held the Second Annual Nuclear Night “to promote the atomic history of the region.” (The Hanford Nuclear Site is located in the Tri-Cities.)  The Ams auctioned off the jerseys to benefit the Player’s Continuing Education Fund.

My brother-in-law is a professional hockey player, so I am tempted to make a joke about the need for continuing education among hockey players.  But then I think about this clip on YouTube, and decide that maybe a joke isn’t such a good idea.

You can check out photos from the game or purchase one of the remaining jerseys.


  1. Robichaud (History)

    These should be official dress code for ACW bloggers. Along with a pair of comfy slippers.

    • Jeffrey (History)

      It is my birthday in a few weeks …

  2. OLCAY DENIZER (History)

    I just learned that Prof. Mustafa Kibaroglu from Turkey will give a lecture on Iran’s nuke program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars on 22 Feb.
    He is a prominent academician and the only one who deals with nukes in Turkey.
    It might be a good opportunity for the people who are interested in Turkish policies on nukes in the region, to meet with him.
    Olcay DENIZER

    A Reflection on the May 2010 Brazil-Turkey Nuclear Initiative Toward Iran