Jeffrey LewisFarewell Happy Hour, Thursday 12/15

I first stepped off the escalator at Dupont Circle for the very first time in May 1996.  After spending most of the past fifteen years in Washington, I am throwing in the towel and moving to Monterey, California.  (We’re just pretending Cambridge didn’t happen.)

It seems fitting that I should end my time as a Washingtonian with a farewell visit to the Big Hunt for a good-bye Happy Hour.  It’s been a very long time, so in case you don’t remember the particulars — the Big Hunt is located at 1345 Connecticut Avenue NW.  We usually show about 6-ish.

If you miss it, don’t worry — I’ll be back now and again for meetings and so forth.  But it will be nice to formally close out my time in Washington.


  1. krepon (History)

    You are not throwing in the towell. You are uncorking the California red.

    • Jeffrey (History)

      I am looking forward to trying a lot of mediocre central coast wine, I must admit.

    • George William Herbert (History)

      The Napa reds are better, but Bargetto and some of the other ones generally in the Monterey area are pretty good.

      Preemptive welcome to the west coast!

  2. A Complete Stranger (History)

    While we first met at the “mistake” you made in Cambridge, I hope to be able to wish you “good hunting” in California this Thursday!

  3. Jon w (History)

    1) there are a lot of good wines as you move down the coast. Santa Lucia highlands is closest but Paso and San Luis Obispo wines are excellent.

    2) I am Wiltoning and then on vacation, so sorry to miss the abientot, but not farewell.

  4. Andy (History)

    Congrats on getting out of DC with your soul intact!

  5. Vic (History)

    You are not getting nearer to mediocre wine – you are moving to the Best Coast! I won’t be able to make it to your farewell, but best of luck to you guys and I hope to see you on what will undoubtedly be frequent visits back to DC (NO ESCAPING).

  6. ebw (History)

    i’m in monterey a week a month visiting my mom, and last summer dropped by the mifs (now “miis”) to see if you’d a local office. i suppose that now you will. let me know if i can help.