Jeffrey LewisGreetings from Las Vegas

Greetings from Las Vegas, where I am attending a meeting of the CSCAP WMD Study Group.  Man, this city is soul-destroying.  John Warden observed that you lose all sense of time and the value of money.  He’s right.

The discussions are off the record, but I can say they’ve been super interesting and insightful.  And I am surprised at how many participants, on the sidelines, are curious about just exactly what Myanmar is — and is not — up to.

Anyway, I am back in DC this evening.


  1. Smith (History)

    I recommend O’Sheas (right next to the Flamingo). There’s a great Wheel of Fortune machine on the back left wall.

  2. John Olsen (History)

    Great place for cognitive dissonance. I hope everyone got to go on a final tour of Yucca Mountain before it is (was?) finally closed down.

  3. Alex W. (History)

    The Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas is a great place to acquire atomic tchotchkes. I picked up a wonderful little pewter Fat Man keychain there not too long ago. (Nothing says “classy gentleman” like a Fat Man keychain…)

    • Smith (History)

      I have that very same keychain. I could not resist. Also picked up on of the “Battlefields of the Cold War” series. Excellent read.

  4. JP (History)

    I know the place is evil and soul destroying just from layovers in the airport. Any illusion that gambling is a high-class activity for men in tuxedos and women in evening gowns is quickly dispelled…