Jeffrey LewisOff to Beijing (and Mianyang)!

Hey folks.

Posting may be a little light over the next couple of days. Jane is still settling in at Hahvahd, and me … well … I am heading off to Beijing and Mianyang for two weeks.

(The picture is from my last trip. The tiny speck of blue in the back is my friend Logan Wright, assisting in what would turn out to be a futile search for my bike, now presumed stolen.)

I will post from China, assuming the computer gods smile favorably upon me. Strangely, the battery for my Mac seems to have croaked. Anybody know a decent Apple Center in Beijing where I can get a replacement?

Oh, and, if you live in Beijing, read the blog and want to grab a cocktail at the Bed Bar, a Belgian at the Tree, or show me someplace new … let me know:

armscontrolwonk AT gmail DOT com


  1. Carl (History)

    Here’s a post from MacInChina about a few authorized stores that were slated to open up in BJ last month.

    Also, I was near Mianyang last week. It’s incredibly humid so pack accordingly.

  2. Lao Tao Ren (History)

    Don’t forget to take in the Beijing Duck, which I never miss if I am in town.

    The Mongolian BBQ is another favorite.