Jeffrey LewisYoung, Right-Wing and Stupid in Iraq

I know better than to read the National Review, but this quote in an article on “Gen X in the Green Zone” contains a remarkably stupid comment from Michael Ledeen/’s daughter in defense of the vast number of kids who got jobs with the CPA in Iraq based soley on their ideological affinities:

[Simone] Ledeen, who is also (NRO Contributor) Michael Ledeen/’s daughter and for that reason featured prominently in the Washington Monthly article, says: “I question the idea that young people in the CPA are not experienced. Who has experience in what we/’re doing? What precedent is there for that?”

Is Little Ledeen kidding? Somalia? Haiti? East Timor? Rwanda? Bosnia? Kosovo? Those are just the total make-overs from the 1990s. There are all kinds of folks with functional experience in this or that field; surely we could do better than someone who “majored in political science, rarely watched financial news channels and didn/’t follow the stockmarket … for the difficult task of rebuilding Iraq/’s shattered stock exchange” Yes, that is quote, and from the Wall Street Journal to (max) boot. The article, called “This little novice went to market . . . in Baghdad”, is reprinted in the Australian Financial Review and worth a read.

When encountering remarkably stupid comments like this from the right, I occassionaly contemplate opening an anonymous blog to expand my options in the vocabulary department. I can hardly wait for these morons to start streaming back into DC.