Jeffrey LewisIt’s a Comb-Over!

Holy cow. Kim Jong Il’s famous pompadour is a comb-over! Well, now we are sure it is not a wig.

My guess is that the photographer from Iran’s Mehr News Agency doesn’t get another visa to North Korea.

The much bigger news, by the way, is Pollack’s other observation that the parade contains the first images of the Musudan missile. A must read.


  1. Philipp (History)

    I’m a strictly lay-person coiffure imagery analyst, but I think the comb-over must be a relatively recent development, and I wonder whether much or all of the effect isn’t instead instead based on patchy hair loss. At least as of a year ago, there didn’t seem to be much comb-over action going on, but plenty of patchy baldness, e.g. see:

  2. P.E.T. (History)

    “The much bigger news…”

    To whom?

  3. david (History)

    Bigger news than the Kim’s Trump do, is the prominant position given in all these events to the jocular Chinese visitor Zhou Yongkang. In the mass games there were even messages – in Chinese – saying ‘ Without the Communist party there would be no new China’ and such like. Implications of Chinese style reforms to come? Just a vassal state sucking up to the visiting Satrap?

  4. Andrew Tubbiolo (History)

    What I found amazing is that at the young age of 27, Kim Jong-Un has a double chin. I’ll bet he still has an easier time getting a date than I do.

  5. Ben (History)

    Hair implants. Deal with them and then forget about it. That’s my advice to Kim Jong Il.

  6. MK (History)

    The man needs Hu’s hair stylist.

  7. kme (History)

    MK: It’s probably not in China’s national interest to proliferate sensitive hairstyle technology.