Jeffrey LewisErrol Morris on Roger Fenton

Erroll Morris is a documentary film-maker — a very good one at that, having directed Fog of War: Eleven Lessons From the Life of Robert McNamara. His column, “Zoom,” contains two posts that detail his fascination with a pair of Crimean War photographs by Roger Fenton.

The posts don’t have anything to do with arms control, but everything to do with the craft of inquiry: painstaking collection and cautious interpretation of evidence.

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? Part One and Which Came First? Part Two


  1. hass (History)

    Evidence? What, like in the form of a mushroom cloud? We know they “could” do it, that they seek the “option” to do it, that they want the “capacity” to do it. What more evidence is necessary? They’re evil people who have no regard for human life and just want to bring about the apocalypse. That’s all the necessary evidence we need.