Jeffrey LewisKim Possible: Daily Show Runs Satellite Image of Suspected NK Test Site

I’ve been waiting for an major news outlet to run a commercial satellite image the suspected North Korean nuclear test site near Kilju (Kilchu).

Imagine my surprise when the leading “fake news” outlet The Daily Show with Jon Stewart runs what purports to be a satellite image of North Korea either preparing for a nuclear test or “marinating the world’s largest jar of kimchee.”

Comedy Central posted the clip on-line, in an utterly hilarious segment entitled “Kim Possible.”

Maybe it was just a stock photo.

Anybody know how to contact the Daily Show to figure out where they got the image?


  1. GMB

    there was/is a Daily Show intern blogger.

  2. Anders Widebrant (History)

    Well, there is this “Questions and Comments” page at Comedy Central’s site:

    But snail mail might be faster:

    Jon Stewart
    c/o The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
    513 West 54th Street
    New York, New York 10019

    (From the Jon Stewart Intelligence Agency: )

  3. John Steven (History)

    “From the Jon Stewart Intelligence Agency…”

    Aha, wouldn’t that explain it right there? 😉