Jeffrey LewisAgent 15 Items

Well, it’s late at night and my Scotch is empty.  So I will make this quick.

Here is an image (and .pdf) of the 1998 UK document on Agent 15 that I mentioned in my column for Foreign Policy (Buzz Bomb: Why everyone’s wrong about Assad’s zombie gas).  It’s not much to look at:

The reference to “August 1995” leads me to believe that the one document mentioning Agent 15 was in the cache of documents found in August 1995 at Haidar Farm (aka the Chicken Farm) following Hussein Kamel’s appearance in Jordan. (I wanted to be clear about that analytic inference.)

Also, here are key passages from the Butler and Robb-Silberman reports relating to pre-war “sources” on Iraqi chemical weapons.


  1. Cthippo (History)

    Loved the FP piece, Jeffrey. It’s nice to get information with a sense of humor!