Jeffrey LewisFun with Torture

This is a cartoon (right) from a briefing by the Joint Interrogation and Debriefing Center (JIDC) at Abu Ghraib prison, Iraq. It was, I believe, reproduced in a classified annex to the Taguba report.

This isn’t really related to arms control, but I am finding it hard to blog about anything else really.

I am reminded of Sam Keen’s book, Faces of the Enemy. I mean, smiley faces?

A fellow blogger noticed this document, which has another very creepy description of the detainees as “guests.”

Late Update: Just to keep things gimly current, a detainee in Iraq died in U.S. custody—apparently of natural causes. I wonder what the animation for that looks like.

The full page is reproduced below; here is the original document.


  1. Arne Langsetmo (History)

    I find that middle item on the last row interesting:

    Detainee is fully exploited & determined to be of no further intelligence value (1-infinity interrogations)

    Gotta love that “fully exploited” and “1-infinity interrogations”. . . .