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Putin and Trump Meet at Helsinki

Michael Krepon

Quotes of the week: “When America does not lead malign actors fill the void to the disadvantage of the United States”  — Trump administration National Security Strategy, December 2017 “We will compete and lead in multilateral organizations so that American interests and principles are protected.”  — Trump administration National Security Strategy, December 2017 “We must upgrade our …

North Korea’s New Old Enrichment Site: Kangson

KANGSON.  We have the (probable) location of North Korea’s original enrichment site: Kangson, now called Chollima. This is probably the spot where the DPRK has been enriching uranium since the early 2000’s, which has previously not been openly identified!  Jeffrey, Grace Liu, and Dave Schmerler combed over information dropped by friend-of-the-pod Ankit Panda. Jeffrey, Aaron, and …

The Holy Grail of Deterrence Stability

Quotes of the week: “The imminent possibility of nuclear escalation will impose stringent limits on the conduct of conventional conflict. Both sides will be receptive to direct or indirect mediation, due to which the conflict could be quickly concluded… Instead of TNWs [tactical nuclear weapons), the most important factor that can destabilize deterrence is the …

KCN-eh? June’s other North Korea Developments

A Canadian reviews the last month’s news with two special guests. Andrea talks to CNS Senior Research Associate Melissa Hanham and FAS Adjunct Fellow Ankit Panda as they go through the trajectory of U.S./DPRK diplomacy after the Singapore Summit, parse through the differences between U.S and DPRK public statements, and developments within the U.S./ROK Alliance.

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