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Geolocating IRGC and Strategic Military Sites in Iran

Grace Liu

This post was authored by Cyrus Jabbari, a graduate research assistant at CNS. There’s been an increase in escalatory events in recent weeks surrounding the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) and the Persian Gulf. Terrorist entities operating out of Yemen have on several occasions attacked Saudi Arabian oil and military facilities with IRI-supplied unmanned conventional-armed …

The Well Read Wonk (cont.)

Quote of the week: “When I was 34, I wanted bling, because it persuaded me that I was special. When I was 44, I wanted blinis, because they made me feel sophisticated. When I was 54, I just want martinis, because I’m certain of what’s in them and of what that potion can do.” — …

Iran and (more) Nuclear Archive

A nuclear archive. JCPOA news. B-52 bomber task forces. A naval armada. And Scuds on ships. What could go wrong? To break down all things Iran, Jeffrey and Aaron spoke about the latest happenings in and with Iran.   Support us over at!

Will India and Pakistan Be Able to Step Back from Nuclear Danger?

Verse of the week: Surely we can talk again, without using cloven tongues that lisp and hiss cleft meanings, disguising our true intent. — “Surely We Can Talk Again,”  Fakir Aijazuddin Dark clouds are gathering. The Trump administration seems headed toward pre-emptive strikes against Iran. This progression began when Donald Trump walked away from the …

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