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The Demise of the INF and the Munich Security Conference

ACW Podcast

Judging from Twitter, the Munich Security Conference is talking about the demise of the INF Treaty.  Jeffrey, back in California after his sojourn to Vermont and Aaron revisit INF pods of the past to focus on what really matters: Getting Taylor Swift to cover Nena’s 99 Luftballoons.   Previous Podcast Episodes about this Topic:   INF Basing …

The Nuclear First — and Second — Use Dilemma

Lyric of the week: No one likes us I don’t know why We may not be perfect But heaven knows we try But all around Even our old friends put us down Let’s drop the big one And see what happens — Randy Newman, “Political Science” We are rightly focused on the consequences of having …

KCN-eh? January’s other North Korea Developments

Andrea hosts one last KCN-eh? before heading off to the Great White North. Jeffrey joins in to talk about North Korea’s other developments from January, including the site of the second Trump-Kim summit, U.S. Special Representative Stephen Beigun’s speech at Stanford, and how to mimic denuclearization without denuclearizing.   Support us over at!

The DPRK’s Monuments Men

Many observers have noted that North Korea’s external propaganda shifted over the course of 2018 as nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles were replaced with an emphasis on economic development. Notably, North Korea’s military parade on September 9 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK did not include any long-range missiles associated with the …

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