Jeffrey LewisRare Earths

I am working on it!

I have a post up today at ForeignPolicy looking at some of the issues relating to Burma’s nuclear program.  I promised to host a discussion here of the role of some of the equipment described here might play in in rare earths extraction.

I am behind a bit — but I’ll try to finish the post on the plane.


  1. Rob Goldston (History)

    Give us the link to your post at FP!

  2. joshua (History)
  3. Cheryl Rofer (History)

    So I got impatient for the discussion and looked at the pictures and commentary in the Kelley and Fowle report.

    My analysis here.

    • Jeffrey (History)

      I am just choking on too many things right now. I have a draft post in a word document that should be up soon.

  4. Cheryl Rofer (History)

    Have a happy Thanksgiving, Jeffrey! Burma won’t get any nukes over the weekend!