Jeffrey LewisBallistic and Cruise Missile Threat (NASIC, 2003)

Hans Kristensen has posted the most recent edition of Ballistic and Cruise Missile Threat (National Air and Space Intelligence Center, August 2003).

This is the same document that Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough “obtained” and reported on in a recent column.

I was in the process of “obtaining” the document myself—through interlibrary loan. (If you wish to “obtain” this document, the call no.—available through World Cat—is UG1312.B34).

Anywho … Gertz and Scarborough don’t report that the document contradicts much of their reporting over the past few years, including allegations that the DF-31 is deployed, that the DF-31 will carry multiple warheads, and that China’s Xia SSBN is operational. Each of those reports by Gertz is false, according to the full text of the report—which Gertz and Scarborough wisely did not make available.