Jeffrey LewisChinese Dragon Awakens

The Washington Times has the first a three-part series by Bill Gertz hyping the threat from China. It includes this paragraph that seems so insane from where I am sitting—a hotel room in Beijing:

“We may be seeing in China the first true fascist society on the model of Nazi Germany, where you have this incredible resource base in a commercial economy with strong nationalism, which the military was able to reach into and ramp up incredible production,” a senior defense official said.


No obvious fascist iconography from this angle


  1. Chungta Hsieh (History)

    Don’t tell me their next buyout target is Michelin Tires ( and Shell Oil Products (

  2. Conagher78 (History)

    Not surprised to her a Gertz “unnamed source” compare the CCP to Nazis. I doubt Gertz could tell the difference between a Nazi and a Teletubby. But I guess you really haven’t “made it” in America until someone compares you to Nazis or Hitler.

    Sad to see my fellow conservatives drink up that Moonie’s BS.