Jeffrey LewisTwittering Now

It’s come to this.

We will try to integrate the tweets into the site down the road, but for the three people in the world who might be interested:


  1. Drew Conway (History)

    Three people?! You will be surprised how many defense wonks inhabit Twitter.

    Glad to have you aboard!


  2. Page van der Linden (History)

    Like, OMG, so following you!

    Does that make me a major dork?


  3. Andy (History)

    Why not an “arms control” group on Facebook?

    Also, a virtual reference library would be nice!

    Just askin’!

  4. Captain_Canuck

    More than three, apparently.

  5. Major Lemon (History)

    I wouldn’t bother. It just isn’t necessary.

  6. Smith (History)

    One down, two to go.