Jeffrey LewisHappy Hour On Tuesday

Hey everyone in Washington for the Carnegie Nonproliferation Conference, I mean the Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference. How about I just f’ing call it Nuke-stock, like everyone else?

Jill and I are going to meet folks for Happy Hour on Tuesday after end of the conference (starting at 5 pm) at the ground-floor bar of the W. (The view from upstairs is spectacular, but its hassle to get up there.)

Hope you see some old friends and make some new ones!


  1. Geoff Forden (History)

    See you there!

  2. krepon (History)

    I believe the proper nomenclature is Nukefest.

    • Eve (History)

      Here’s hoping you can come up with some festy experiences

  3. Theresa Hillman (History)

    Hey Who in Rhode Island wants to meet at the same time?

  4. Jane V (History)

    Great idea! see you there.

  5. Jon W (History)

    Who will be watching the little one?

    • Jeffrey (History)