Joshua Pollack

Joshua Pollack

Joshua Pollack used to be a consultant to the U.S. government on arms control, nonproliferation, deterrence, and the like. Now he's the editor of the Nonproliferation Review and a Senior Research Associate at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS), Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS), based in Washington, DC.


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North Korean Flow-Forming Machines, Ctd.

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Iranian HEU Traces: Don’t Panic

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Special Delivery from North Korea

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Rethinking Multinational Consortia

Cascading Failures

A Dead End in Damascus

Syria’s Tibnah Salt Mine Revisited

Amending New START

Korea: Instability Within Stability

North Korea’s Mixed Messages

Что прописано в резолюции сената США по СНВ-3

Another North Korea Reading Comprehension Test

North Korean-Iranian Cooperation

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Deterrence, North Korea-style

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South Korea’s “Main Enemy”

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North Korea’s Nuclear Test That Wasn’t

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Why Iran Sanctions, Diplomacy Are Hard

Lee Myung-bak's Line Drawn in the Water

Avner Cohen on Israel and South Africa

The Cheonan Report, Continued

An Alternative View of the ZFS

The Cheonan Report

Confidence-Demolition Measure

Israel: Between Dimona and Democracy

"Become the Sun": NK Nuclear (Con)fusion

North Korea's Indigenous Bomb Design

The Dead Hand

Malaysia and the Bomb

Where the NPR Meets in the Middle

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Iran Probes The Limits

Closing the Books on TRR Diplomacy

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N. Korea: Deadly in a Snowball Fight

IC Threat Report on Iran: Sifting Tea Leaves

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How Not To Secure the Internet

IR-1 Estimates Revisited

When Disaster Strikes the Capital

Declaratory Policy: An Amplification

Why The JASONs Carry Weight

Emilio Largo's Revenge

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Name That Missile


America's Role in the LEU-TRR Deal

Iran: What Sort of a Deal?

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Why Does North Korea Have a Gas-Graphite Reactor?

France's Role in the LEU-TRR Deal

TRR Tradeoffs

Parallel Fuel Cycles, Revisited

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Testing European Missile Defense

Pief Panofsky on Missile Defense

Parsing Enrichment in North Korea

Nuclear Warfare

Iran Week

Why Iran's Clock Keeps Resetting

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There Are Idiots

Reasons Not To Underestimate North Korea

News Flash

Why So Few Nodong Tests?

What Is North Korea Capable Of?

Publishing the Unpublishable

Where Is North Korea's IRBM?

Joint Statement on Missile Defense Issues

Institutional Memory

Collision at Sea

Did North Korea Test a Nuke?

Surprise ≠ Intel Failure

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Oh, Calm Down

Once Upon A Time

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FMP Comes Alive

Russia Eyes North Korea

Defensive Transition

Iran's Equinox: FMP Comes Online

Wonk Pissing Contest

Libya's Theory of the Hard Cases

Non-Technological Safeguards

How Much Respect Does A Nuclear Arsenal Get?

Signing Off

Nothing New Beneath The Sun

Safeguards at Natanz

Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush

Iran's Ashura Missile Mystery

Keeping Up With the Wonkses

Nukes With Style

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    That's fair - Avangard is a payload and not a missile. Still, the point remains. Russia could have maintained, as…
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    Your last assertion here is mistaken. New START imposes the same limits on the US and Russia.
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    I don’t know about Putin, but Trump and Kim have used interpreters.


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