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Jeff is lucky to be out of town. It’s bad form to crow about one’s own work, but those of us gathered around the campfire while he’s in Seoul can certainly do it for him.

Monday’s New York Times carries a story by Broad and Sanger about the Swiss Family Tinner, how the CIA flipped the Tinners to bring A.Q. Khan low, the sabotage of Iran’s (and Libya’s) centrifuge programs, and how the Swiss authorities were swayed to destroy the evidence in the Tinner case. It’s a good, juicy piece that ties a number of things together.

Some of it should sound familiar, too.


  1. peter (History)

    I read the article with great interest, but what I found most unsettling was The Times’ choice of photos. They not only included a photo of Lars, but also of the his house. Why is that newsworthy? Isn’t it considered a little dangerous to be publishing photos of CIA collaborators’ homes (with both cars sitting in the driveway!)?

    I’m reminded of a previous article wherein The Times published personal info regarding an FBI interrogator, including his photograph.

    I’m all for openness, but not when the newsworthiness fails to serve the public good, and could put someone’s safety at risk.

    I can imagine there are some ruffled feathers in Libya, Iran, and North Korea – not to mention Pakistan, and the unnamed states that were obliquely referenced. Anyone taking odds on whether the Tinner guys wind up disappearing?

  2. peter (History)

    The photos were of papa’s (Freidrich’s) home and 2 cars, and the face was Urs’.

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