Geoff Forden

Geoff Forden

Dr. Forden has been at MIT since 2000 where his research includes the analysis of Russian and Chinese space systems as well as trying to understand how proliferators acquire the know-how and industrial infrastructure to produce weapons of mass destruction.


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All Good Things…

DF-21 Delta: Some Early Thoughts

Hangzhou Light Show

Ill-Fated KSLV 1

Iranian Warhead Evolution

Now It Can Be Told: Inside BOB

Video of Naro-1’s August 2009 Failure

X37B Orbit Found, Mystery Remains

BMD Hearts Lewis and Postol

CBMs Gone Wild

IISS Iranian Missile Dossier Released

38 North: Master Proliferator or Front Co?

ROK Ship: Typical Torpedo Damage

“Unveiling” Iran’s New Centrifuge

Don’t Let Your Rocket Chuff You

1-year Anniversary of U'nha-2 Launch

The Green Zone: an ACW Movie Review

Dialing for Proliferation Dollars

New, Large Simorgh Launch Complex

Telemetry or Guidance?

Shocking Good Fun

ALTB: The Long and Short

Yaogan 1 Erupts

Iran’s Missile (Development) Trajectory

Chinese BMD Test: Illuminated by the Sun?

Chinese BMD Eyewitness: Real or Not?

Beidou Update

Google Finally Shows IRI Space Center

Told You So…

On the Road with Safir/Omid

Physically, It’s a Small World After All

Omid: Radio Consistency Check

UD3 Initiators: A Red Herring?

He3 & DHS, Pt2: A Modest Proposal

He-3 and Homeland Security, Part 1

Safir Fin, Trajectory & Staging Details

The Problem of Redundancy Problem

Japan Weighs in on the Sejil

Kavoshgar Protuberance

A Break in Space: Cosmos-Iridium Update

TRR Refueling and Proliferation Barriers

Fun with Molybdenum

A Primer on Iran’s Medical Reactor Plans

Cut and Cover

How Much Dirt?

Paradox: Now is the Time to Deal

Parking Cold War Relics

Secret Iranian Missile Memos

The Intersection of Two Proposals

More Debate Re: The EastWest Institute JTA

KSLV-1 and the MTCR

Bye Jack, We’re Proud to Have Known You

South Korea Blinks

Can’t Ban ‘em? Compete with ‘em!

Will ROK Overfly Japan?

PCS#1: Iran’s Composites Infrastructure

PCS: The How of Proliferation, Part 2

PCS: The How of Proliferation

PCS #1: Jet Vane Hypothesis

Prolif. Case Study: Iranian Furnace

Monitoring or Intelligence Gathering?

DPRK: Drilling for Nuke Verification

UCS Summer Symposium 2009

Do You Know What This Thing Is?

Tone Deaf in the Mid-East

DPRK Unveils New 2 Stage Missile

DPRK: Nodong Factory Floor

DPRK: Launch in One Month

DPRK: Selective treaty compliance?

Missile Development Consortiums

What Does Natanz Cost?

Nuclear Sesame Street

Practicalities of Interdicting WMD—Part 3

Practicalities of Interdicting WMD—Part 2

DPRK: Practicalities of Interdicting WMD

North Korea and International Norms

DPRK: U'nha-2 Elevation at Staging

Strategic Uses for Tactical Nukes—not!

Caging the Dragon: Antipodal Seismometry

North Korea’s Design Choices

The Second North Korean Nuclear Test

Sejil Significance

The Year of the Rocket

DPRK: Why did the 2006 launch fail?

Shooting the Messenger (or not)

(Space) Insurers Are My Heroes

Sovereignty on the Moon?

Pandemic: What Price Knowledge?

Pandemic: Response depends on Virulence

Pandemics: When do you sound the alarm?

Flu Terminology 101

DPRK: U'nha-2 Powered Trajectory

DPRK: Cobra Ball vs SBX

On the Technology Campaign Trail

DPRK: What Difference does a Minute Make?

DPRK: ICBM or Space Launch Vehicle?

DPRK: Unha-2 Trajectory Constrained

DPRK: Ground Truth

DPRK: Systemic vs. Technological Failures

DPRK: Blip on a Screen

DPRK Launch: Things to Look For

DPRK: Reading Between the Blurs

DPRK: Keeping its Secrets

Cosmic Clockwork

First Guesses: DPRK’s Launcher

DPRK’s Stay Clear Zones

DPRK Sets Date Range for Launch

Shooting Down DPRK’s Satellite Launch

Nonproliferation and Banking Reform

For Satellites, Danger Lurks at the Poles

212 and Counting

First Debris Cataloged Right on Schedule

Safir Engine Component Contest

The Future (of Space) Is Now

Why Would a 2 Stage Safir Be Surprising?

Let’s not forget North Korea…

Congratulations Iran!

Taking EURODIF to the Cleaners

Revisiting China’s Early Warhead Designs

Nuclear Renaissance vs. Financial Crisis

Three Wonks Walk Into a Bar…

When in doubt, victimize the victims

Target: Dimona

Because it’s free

Little Lost Satellite(s)

Why do we test things?

Space—Not So Big or Empty After All

SBIRS—Two Heads are Better than One

SBIRS HEO 2 Checkout Picture

SBIRS— Signal and Background


Trim the Shrubs

In GoogleEarth, Shadows are Your Friend

Kavosh at its Peak

Once again, Iran launches a space rocket…

Designing Iran’s ICBM from the Ground Up

Build New or Buy Old?

Sejil Reconsidered

Clustering Engines, Adding Up the Weights

Moving ‘em Out to Move Them Up

Whats with the Goop?

When is a Solid-Propellant Rocket Not?

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