A nuclear weapons, arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation podcast.

Hosted by Jeffrey Lewis & Aaron Stein.

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BMD 101

March 24, 2017 http://armscontrolwonk.libsyn.com/bmd-101

Do you get lost in missile defense jargon? Have trouble with radar bands, layering, or interceptor types? Jeffrey and Aaron take a step back and discuss the basics of ballistic missile defense architecture and California wines.



North Korean Missile Operations

March 15, 2017 http://armscontrolwonk.libsyn.com/north-korean-missile-operations

North Korea launched 4 extended range Scuds in March. They weren't the long-awaited ICBM, but they are a big deal in their own way. Jeffrey and Aaron discuss North Korea's launch, US military exercises on the Korean Peninsula, and how a nuclear war might start.



Glocom and DPRK Fronts

March 10, 2017 http://armscontrolwonk.libsyn.com/glocom-and-dprk-fronts

Andrea Berger and James Pearson sit down to discuss their open source exposure of Glocom, a front company used by North Korea to sell military communications equipment. North Korea has a reputation for disturbingly impressive sanctions evasion, and the Glocom case is an example of hiding in plain sight. 

They track supply chains, Reconnaissance General Bureau personnel, and conference room architecture in their investigation to see how deep the front-company rabbit hole goes.  



The INF, NATO, and the MSC

March 1, 2017 http://armscontrolwonk.libsyn.com/the-inf-nato-and-the-msc

Jeffrey just returned from the Munich Security Conference. On his way back, he passed through DC where he sat down with Aaron and Scott to discuss NATO, extended deterrence, intermediate-range nuclear forces like the RS-26 and the SSC-8, and what makes for an ideal beer hall.



KN-11 Ashore

February 14, 2017 http://armscontrolwonk.libsyn.com/kn-11-ashore

North Korea tested the Pukguksong-2, a medium-range solid-fueled ballistic missile.

Jeffrey says "I told you so," Scott wonks out about the missile's canister and Aaron brings along his toddler to warn us of the dangers of an EMP attack.

By the end, they might even explain why this missile is a Big Frickin' Deal.



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