A nuclear weapons, arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation podcast.

Hosted by Jeffrey Lewis & Aaron Stein.

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Shooting Down (Dumb Ideas About) North Korea's ICBM

January 13, 2017 http://armscontrolwonk.libsyn.com/shooting-down-dumb-ideas-about-north-koreas-icbm

Jeffrey and Aaron discuss a number of inaccuracies in the public debate over North Korea's long-range missiles and U.S. missile defenses, while Scott seethes on mute.




December 26, 2016 http://armscontrolwonk.libsyn.com/the-green-bee-0

In the mid-60s, The Green Hornet was a popular TV show. Popular enough for the Taiwanese to apparently name an early ballistic missile after it, the Green Bee (青蜂). Also, did you know Taiwan had its own ballistic missile program? Its anti-ship and cruise missiles tend to make the news, but Taiwan has a storied and strange history with ballistic missile proliferation that involves the infiltration of American universities, the laundering of missiles, and Israel. 

Jeffrey and Scott sit down to discuss Tiawan's history with ballistic missiles with data fresh from Jeffrey's primary source research.



Andrea Berger Talks UNSC 2321

December 23, 2016 http://armscontrolwonk.libsyn.com/andrea-berger-talks-unsc-2321

Can the North Koreans still trade coal effectively? What is going on with North Korean ships? Are transit lounges smokey dens of proliferative behavior?

Andrea Berger, Deputy Director of Proliferation and Nuclear Policy at the Royal United Services Institute, joins Jeffrey to talk about UNSC 2321 and recent UN attempts to close the loopholes in existing sanctions on North Korea.



Turkey and the Cuban Missile Crisis

December 7, 2016 http://armscontrolwonk.libsyn.com/turkey-and-the-cuban-missile-crisis

Aaron and Scott talk about the Fourth Player in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Turkey was the lesser-known player in the Cuban Missile Crisis, with nuclear-tipped Jupiter missiles that ranged the bulk of the western USSR and Warsaw Pact countries. The U.S. opted to pull back the Jupiters in exchange for those pesky missiles south of Florida. Turkey was not thrilled. 

Scott also sneaks in a reference to his favorite never-was missile, the Italian Alfa.



The Donald and the Nuclear 3: Tokyo Drift

December 2, 2016 http://armscontrolwonk.libsyn.com/the-donald-and-the-nuclear-3-tokyo-drift

Donald Trump can independently order the United States to launch nuclear weapons. No, really ... he can independently order the use American nukes. This realization has made some uncomfortable, prompting discussions about presidential power and the bomb. Jeffrey and Aaron talk Donald, the Bomb, and independent launch authority.



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