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The 1st Nuclear Ban Draft is Out

Jon Wolfsthal

Long time reader, first time Wonker.  My thanks to the Wonk-Supreme for allowing me to contribute. The president of the negotiations for a nuclear weapons ban convention has just released her first draft of the proposed treaty. As will become readily apparent, I am not an expert on international law, but I am a keenly-interested …

Protected: What’s the Objective in a Nuclear War?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

North Korean WMD: A Guide to Online Resources

North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs are the topic du jour in the WMD world, but if you’re trying to get smart about the subject, where should you turn? The amount of material never gets any smaller, and you’ve nearly got to be an expert in your own right to judge what’s what. I won’t try to catalogue and …

Hwasong 10 and 12 missiles.

I made a thing to help compare the Hwasong-10 and Hwasong-12 missiles.  A lot of people are rushing out their analysis.  We’d like to get it right before publishing.  I am old fashioned like that.

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