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Anheung Proving Ground

Jeffrey Lewis

Pssssst! Want to see South Korea’s missile test site?

U.S.-Pakistan Relations: Duplicity, Betrayal, or National Interests?

Quote of the week: “I heard the president [Reagan] ask Zia how he would handle the fact that they would be violating their agreement [to ‘prevent within its territory the training, equipping, financing and recruiting of mercenaries from whatever origin for the purpose of hostile activities’ against Afghanistan]. Zia replied that they would ‘just lie …

Moon’s Phase-Out: What does it imply?

Moon Jae-in, the newly-elected President of the Republic of Korea, has vowed to wind down Korea’s nuclear power program. Because Korea steadily built up its nuclear industry for four decades, has 25 power reactors generating nearly a third of its electricity, and is now exporting modern nuclear power plants, Moon’s statements about nuclear energy have …

Sechser & Fuhrmann: Deterrence Yes; Coercion No.

Quote of the week: “How can we suppose that something so monstrously powerful would not, after forty years, compose our identity? The great golem we have made against our enemies is our culture, our bomb culture—its logic, its faith, its vision. … Is it possible that the bomb, in its inventions and reinventions, is not …

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