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The Security Council and the Test Ban

Jeffrey Lewis

Jeffrey and Aaron take to the podcast to discuss UN Security Council Resolution 2310, which calls for an end to nuclear testing and the entry-into-force of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

Nuclear Claims at the First Debate

Nuclear weapons were on the agenda in last night’s debate. So, in the spirit of public service, Lauren Sukin and Selim Sazak take the liberty of fact-checking and analyzing both candidates in regards to nuclear policy in a guest post.

Modi Chooses Strategic Restraint

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, like his two predecessors, has opted for restraint in the face of provocations by violent extremist groups that have found safe havens within Pakistan. Modi publicly announced – at a political conclave, no less — that the attack on a military encampment at Uri, resulting in 18 Indian fatalities along with …

Dudes from the SHIG II: Electric Boogaloo

Jeffrey and Aaron discuss North Korea’s test of new rocket engine.

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