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The Relevance of the Nuclear Posture Review

ACW Podcast

Is the Nuclear Posture Review something worth doing, or a massive waste of time and political capital? Jeffrey and Aaron vote “waste.” The NPR takes up a ton of time, leaves policy on autopilot during its duration, and burns a ton of bandwidth that could be used for actual reflection and policy change.  But what …

North Korea’s Uranium Conversion: The History and Process, Part 2

This is a guest post by my colleague Jamie Withorne. Jamie is a Research Assistant at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies. Her work focuses on emerging technology, North Korea sanctions evasion, and North Korea’s nuclear fuel cycle. This is Part Two of a three-part series on North Korea’s uranium conversion program. For Part …

After WMD Use, Then What?

Verse of the week: “Spell the spiel of cause and effect, Ride the long rail of fact after fact; What curled the plume in the drake’s tail And put the white ring round his neck?” —- Wendell Berry, “For the Explainers” The best way to extend and strengthen norms is to abide by them. The …

Two Halls Enter – One Sub Leaves

North Korea's new SSB assembly location is identified at second construction hall.

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