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Iran and Israel’s Missile War

ACW Podcast

We have data! Jeffrey and Aaron walk through the new primary source data to figure out if either Iran’s missile raid or Israeli’s missile defense efforts were effective. This appears to be the first time that successful wartime ballistic missile defense intercepts can be validated via open source means, which is a major step forward …

Chabahar Shuffle

Satellite imagery reveals the location of Irans new space launch center being built near the city of Chabahar.

Iran’s Once in a Lifetime Moment

And you may find yourself not complying with the IAEA And you may find yourself in a war in another part of the world And you may find yourself making a metaphor about an automobile And you may find yourself enriching your uranium stocks, and building reactors And you may ask yourself “Well, how did I …

Russian Nuclear Doctrine in the Financial Times 2: A Conversation with William Alberque

William Alberque joins Jeffrey for a friendly and deep debate about the Russian Navy nuclear documents leaked to FT, covered in our previous episode. This is a fascinating discussion not only on the documents themselves, but what they imply for Russia’s view of its own territorial integrity, what it needs to convince its soldiers to …