GregWonk 3.0

The Wonk Engine is getting some scheduled maintenance this weekend.

Actually, we’re planning a switch to new content management tools, database migration, move to subdomain blogs, and redesign launch. Whoa!

We’ll be offline Friday 16th through Sunday 18th. I’m sure lots of stuff will break. It’ll be horrific. Things will never be the same. It was better before. Who moved my cheese?


  1. Steven Dolley (History)

    OK, I’ll bite … what’s going on in the picture?

  2. Greg (History)

    That’s an epic stagedive at a live show in MN. Posted here for no reason other than The Wonk introduced me to punk and that’s kinda what it feels like to do a weekend software deployment.

    • derek (History)

      Sometimes you just gotta jump in.

  3. tBaum

    That is indeed an epic stagedive. Gotta admire the dude in the CHUD helmet on the left for coming prepared to get kicked in the head.

    And you just know that Stagediving Man is thinking “wow, that ceiling fan is much closer than it looked”.

  4. Matthew Hoey (History)


  5. Tom B. (History)

    Wow, this looks good – congrats to the relaunch!

  6. kme (History)

    Aye – looks great, guys. I particularly like the 60s style cast list on the left!