Jeffrey LewisHappy Hour Thursday

Remy just wants to remind everyone that we are hosting a happy hour tomorrow (Thursday) to celebrate Leonor Tomero’s move to the Hill.

The Big Hunt
1345 Connectiuct Ave. NW
After Work (say 5:30 or so).


  1. Kingston (History)

    This quite easily could be the greatest picture I’ve ever seen.

  2. Mike McClary (History)

    Ratz! I just got back out into the country and can’t make it back in. And, yes, what a GREAT picture. Congrats again, Leonor!

  3. michael (History)

    And to celebrate the signing of the “New START” treaty, right?

  4. Travis

    More like this, I think.

  5. Jeffrey Lewis (History)


    There will be plenty of people there who will not be celebrating the signing of START — though I admit that we could probably muster the 2/3 necessary for ratification, especially after a few beers.