Jeffrey LewisAugust 2009 IAEA Reports on Iran, Syria

IAEA reports on Iran and Syria.

Have at ‘em.


  1. Captain_Canuck

    Re para 21 in the Iran report – has this visit by a foreign national with explosives expertise been discussed in previous reports? Or is this new information?

  2. hass (History)

    In Feb 2008, the IAEA reported that all of the issues with Iran’s nuclear program had been resolved, with the sole exception of the “alleged studies” that were “supposedly” carried out by Iran in the past into weaponization. Regarding those allegations, Iran and the IAEA had agreed in August 2007 that Iran would review and respond to the “alleged studies” (now re-named “possibly military applications” in this report) claims only “upon receiving all related documents.”

    Has Iran received “all related documents”? No.

    Why not? Because the US is refusing the allow the IAEA to independently vett and analyze the “Laptop of Death” and has instead been holding horse-and-pony shows with selected bits and pieces of the laptop contents since 2005.

  3. nick (History)

    What the heck is IR4, a longer rotor with SWU of 5+ ?

  4. b (History)

    Just in general the tone of the report seems more clear than in older ones. The IAEA emphasizes in several places that the numbers given by Iran are consistent.

    That was more garbled in earlier reports and led to several public misrepresentations.

  5. hass (History)

    About those allegations from “Israeli and Western diplomats” that ElBaradei had censored IAEA reports on Iran

    Agency spokesman Marc Vidricaire, though, issued a brief statement on the matter: “Regrettably, time and again unidentified sources feed the media and Member States with misinformation or misinterpretation,” Vidricaire said. “This time around, there are articles claiming that the Secretariat is hiding information, and that there are sharp disagreements among staff members involved about the contents of the report. Needless to say, such allegations have no basis in fact. (SOURCE: NTI)

  6. Allen Thomson (History)

    Not particularly surprising, but the Syria report does confirm that the IAEA’s access to the al Kibar site was limited to a day trip: Monday, 23 June 2008.

  7. Allen Thomson (History)

    > IAEA’s access to the al Kibar site

    One more thing. The IAEA team seems to have been Olli Heinonen plus two technical experts plus maybe a support person.

    Any indication as to what equipment they had? I’m guessing swipes and soil samplers (spoons or garden trowels and bottles), possibly cameras. Anything else?