Jeffrey LewisYour Fact Checker Failed You

I just picked up a copy of Richard Clarke’s Your Government Failed You (HarperCollins, 26 bucks).

A light, easy read. The chapter on military issues is a little too breezy — it covers way too much ground with far too little care.

For example, Clarke states that “Sensing that Republicans were using military affairs as a wedge issue, Clinton appointed a Republican senator, Bill Cohen, to replace Aspin.”

Of course, Clinton actually replaced Aspin with another Bill — Democrat William J. Perry (1994-1997). Cohen would wait until the cabinet shuffle at the start of President Clinton’s second term.

Little errors or not, I am still looking forward to reading the chapter on intelligence failures.


  1. Ryan Donahue (History)

    Small errors or not, it shows a fundamental lack of research. Everyone should expect a little more probative value in published works.

  2. Lao Tao Ren (History)

    The quality of fact checking on this blog should deter all but the most informed and the ones with the best of the best analysts and national technical means.

    Ever thought of calling your crew fact CHEKAs instead of fact checkers?