Jeffrey LewisMeet Jane Vaynman

Regular readers will notice that Jane Vaynman has been guest blogging for the last couple of weeks.

Well, she hasn’t been guest blogging. Jane—who is spending the year in Moscow on a Fulbright—is replacing Paul, who will be starting his own blog.

I am totally excited about both developments.

Jane is fantastic and Paul … well … Paul will actually get a little of the credit for his great posts.

Paul and I will launch his own blog, Total Wonkerr, after the ACT deadline. Of course, Paul and his blog are still part of the Arms Control Wonk family, so Paul will be cross-posting here from time to time. Paul and I share the same goal of growing the community of arms control bloggers, growing both our audiences in the process.

These changes—Jane coming aboard and Paul striking out on his own—mark a period of transformation for the Arms Control that has been underway. Greg and hexive have been rebuilding the back end of the site to improve performance. You should also expect some minor design changes to make the site more user friendly.

What won’t change, I hope, is the same great content.

In the meantime, I’ve put a bio for Jane up on the About section.


  1. Robot Economist (History)

    Jane was a contributor to CEIP’s totally sweet “Deadly Arsenals” reference text, so she’s cool in my book.

    That tome should be standard issue to any wonk’s library.

  2. gmb

    She’s also the single source of Lance Bass google search traffic into wonk! That’s a demographic we don’t normally reach.

    Good to have you back.