Jeffrey LewisIt's All Here: US Tables Draft FMCT

Stephen Rademaker (my buddy) has introduced a draft fissile material cut-off treaty at the Conference on Disarmament.

Shorter Rademaker:

Article 1. States Party undertake to kiss my bony ass.

Sadly, this is only vaguely hyperbole.

The treaty, as it were, seems intended to buy the Administration some credibility with Congress on the US-India deal while going nowhere in the Conference on Disarmament—the most most transparently cynical proposal since Caligula made a Senator of his horse.

Think I am being unfair? Read Rademaker’s harrangue where he submits the draft treaty, takes a swipe at the CD and many of its members for “hostage taking,” and then prounces the text frat-boy cool with a demonstrative “it’s all here.” Oh, yeah.

I wonder … Is this how Rademaker proposed to Danielle Pletka?

Michael Krepon at the Stimson Center has attempted to point out the various flaws with more measure and grace than I can muster at the moment.


  1. RT (History)


    What’s with you and Rademaker? The poor man is married to Dani Pletka – isn’t that enough punishment?

    As to the substance of this FMCT “proposal”, you are probably right. Nothing has changed here. Rademaker is merely restating the US position which is unacceptable to most countries. Ergo, this is a meaningless proposal.

  2. Cernig (History)

    Never mind India – the first use made of the proposal was as a stick to bash Iran with.

    Regards, Cernig @ Newshog.