Aaron SteinRussia, China, and the US discuss the Norks

Jeffrey and the Center for Nonproliferation Studies have been busy hosting a series of track 1.5 dialogues in the foggy bit of California. Under the direction of Stephanie Lieggi, CNS brought together American and Chinese officials for a much broader conversation about nonproliferation that was hijacked by the North Koreans – sorta like this podcast. Earlier that same week, a group of Russian and American officials met to discuss the DPRK nuclear threat. In this latest addition the podcast, Aaron and Jeffrey discuss these two track 1.5 events, in addition to our mutual love of Santa Lucia Pinot Noir and whales (tune in to find out how we worked in these last two topics).

Here is the write-up of our Russia meeting: What to do about North Korea: U.S., Russian officials talk in Monterey

Here is the link to Anna’s story in the Post: North Korea’s missile launch has failed, South’s military says – The Washington Post

Here is my write up of the static engine test: New DPRK ICBM Engine

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  1. Sean Wain Dunlevy (History)
    • J_kies (History)

      That’s a fabulous source and required reading for the last two engineers I have been mentoring. The necessary equipment including ‘a good set of running shoes’ shows the innate practicality of the advice.

  2. J_kies (History)

    For some reason I missed the discussions on the DPRK ‘ICBM’ Engine and now the comments seem to be closed. A number of the comments and discussion points could use further refinement. Bottom line is that the ‘twined’ hypothesis isn’t actually supported by the images posted, the ‘cold sooty exhaust from the gas generator powering the turbopump (stock) could be bisecting the early plume creating the appearance of two exits.