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Mysterious Explosions in Iran

ACW Podcast

In a cross-over podcast with FPRI’s Middle East Brief, Aaron speaks with Fabian Hinz, a frequent guest on the podcast, about the recent explosions in Iran and what open source intelligence has revealed about the two incidents. You can find the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Middle East Brief at: Support us over at!

Count Every Warhead: A Critique

Lyrics of the week I’m looking and I’m dreaming for the first time I’m inside and I’m outside at the same time And everything is real Do I like the way I feel? When the world crashes in into my living room Television man made me what I am People like to put the television …

A Satellite Imagery Review of the Pyongsan Uranium Mill

The Pyongsan Uranium Concentration Plant and its associated mine are North Korea’s only publicly acknowledged source of uranium yellowcake. [1] From this site, uranium yellowcake is reportedly sent either to the Yongbyon nuclear complex for conversion into fuel elements for North Korea’s sole operational gas-graphite reactor or to a conversion facility in preparation for uranium …

The Scam of Sacrificing New START for Visionary Goals

Lyric of the week: Had to find some higher ground Had some fear to get around You can’t say what you don’t know Later on won’t work no more… [Chorus] Square one, my slate is clear Rest your head on me my dear It took a world of trouble, it took a world of tears …

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