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Nuclear Test Sites Are Too Damn Busy

Jeffrey Lewis

This is the written summary accompanying the satellite images we provided to CNN about the worrisome levels of activity we see at Russian, Chinese and US nuclear test sites.

Errors in Analysis of the Hwasong-18

Errors in Postol’s Analysis of the Hwasong-18 Daniel Allen, Madeline Berzak, Michael Duitsman, Decker Eveleth, John Ford, Sam Lair, Jeffrey Lewis, Tricia White Key points: 🚀🚀🚀 Introduction Ted Postol’s analysis of the Hwasong-18 is marred by significant factual inaccuracies. Many of these inaccuracies would have been caught by an analyst carefully looking at the totality …

Kim Jong Un’s Excellent Adventure

Sam Lair joins the podcast to talk about Kim Jong Un’s recent whirlwind tour of the North Korean Defense Industrial Base with Jeffrey and Scott. If you’re into missiles, geolocation, and machine tools (and, if you listen to this podcast, you probably are), you’re going to want to tune in. Sam and Jeffrey have been …


Jeffrey is joined by the illustrious Kelsey Atherton to discuss Christopher Nolan’s film Oppenheimer, as well as the history and legacy of the titular man himself. Kelsey and Jeffrey dive into the choice to focus on Oppenheimer’s own security legacy and bypass the direct and indirect horrors affected upon the Congolese miners, New Mexicans, and Japanese …