Aaron SteinWhen Open Source Goes Wrong

We love open source. We talk about it all of the time. But it went wrong – like really wrong – in two different instances in recent weeks. Today, Aaron and Jeffrey talk about the dark side of open source and the need for analysts and journalists to be rigorous in how they approach open source work.



  1. Yale Simkin (History)

    There was a rocket being launched from that site. It was shown halfway through the video, not at the end. Please read my comments below Jeffery’s original post.

  2. Bonsaibabe (History)

    I hear you. When are we going to get any retractions from Chosun Ilbo? and their brand of conflict propaganda masquerading as sloppy journalism?

  3. Moon (History)

    Agree. Any reporting should not depend on a single source. At least two, preferably three, independent sources (and not circular) should be relied upon and caveated as such before transmitting

  4. Gregory Matteson (History)

    Wonderful piece of analysis: Convenient length too; but you dropped a bit of jargon without explanation. “notam” is a Notice To Airmen; that is, notices published by responsible authorities to inform civil aircraft pilots of conditions or regulations affecting their planned flights, because it would be really bad if, say, an airliner flew into the path of a satellite launch.

    • George William Herbert (History)

      More pedantically; at the launch site, the launching party usually has radar for boats and planes, and will hold off launching if someone is in a naughty place prior to launch.

      The NOTAMs are more critical downrange, where stages are reentering. Because those are usually hundreds of km offshore and at best typically covered with a ship or a OTH long wave radar, and often by nothing at all. It’s quite possible to launch with a jumbo jet right in the middle of the first stage reentry corridor, with a stage likely to reach ground level with large intact parts. The NOTAM hopefully makes the odds of that very low.

  5. Bob Smith (History)

    I am likely a minority in this, but I would find it very helpful if you included direct links to the audio files in addition to the embedded player as you have sometimes done in the past.

    Enjoying the podcast, keep it up!

  6. JO (History)

    Link to pictures of the more recent DF-21[?] mobile launch test (north of Qingyang?)