Aaron SteinGeospatial Analysis and the Serial Podcast

We love Serial. But what does it have to with arms control, nonproliferation, and disarmament – nothing, really. So why talk about it? Geospatial analysis, of course.

No, really!

Today, Jeffrey and Aaron speak with Susan Simpson, an associate at the Volkov Law Group (and an expert in national security law), about geospatial analysis and how it relates to the Serial podcast.

The View From LL2 | Thoughts on law, economics, and all things slightly geeky. – Susan’s blog


  1. Judith McKeon (History)

    My favorite line: “Serial is f—ing awesome.”

    Thanks for an insightful analysis (absent of snarky, wannabe trending-on-twitter, personality-driven smack that passes for intelligent media critique) and excellent geo-spatial discussion with Susan Simpson.

    Caption: international law wonks discuss narrative implications of plot points on Susan Simpson’s “Serial” maps.

  2. Andrew Sayles (History)

    Susan Simpson – You’re awesome!

  3. O O (History)

    Very, very good discussion. I particularly enjoyed the last segment when you discussed the grandmothers house point. I’m massively intrigued by the things that you could not say.

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