Catherine DillC3: Nuclear Command, Control, Cooperation

Earlier this year Bruce Blair kindly loaned us a copy of an important body of work in the field, C3: Nuclear Command, Control, Cooperation, by Valery E. Yarynich. We digitized it (thanks to two graduate research assistants) and have put the book in its entirety up on Scribd. It’s even OCR’ed!

The book is available here. [Updated] For a bit of background on Valery Yarynich, start with this article by David Hoffman written after Yarynich’s death in 2012.


  1. David E. Hoffman (History)

    And for those who would like a little more info about the author of this valuable work, here is a piece I wrote about him after his death:

    • catherine (History)

      Thanks, David. I’ve updated the post to include the link as well.

  2. Tom Bielefeld (History)

    Thank you for the effort! Much appreciated.

  3. ADSM (History)

    Thank you!
    I have waited this for years!
    Still, would it be possible to make this book available anywhere else: scribd is no longer what it used to be, unfortunately.

  4. melissa (History)

    I need the names of those grad students. Mine couldn’t get all of PISH up… :/

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