CTBT Public Policy Course

A quick PSA, courtesy of Jeffrey, regarding the CTBT Public Policy course sponsored by the CTBTO that runs from September 1st to September 9th.  The info link is here, and I have included the majority of it below as well:

About the Course

The course will comprehensively cover the policy and legal aspects of the CTBT, including its entry-into-force and universalization, as well as the CTBT verification technologies and the civil and scientific applications of monitoring data. The course will feature interactive panel discussions and keynote lectures by renowned international experts, as well as presentations on technical and scientific aspects of the CTBT verification regime.

The course will also aim to raise awareness about the importance of the on-site inspection regime, especially in light of the upcoming Integrated Field Exercise 2014. Building on the first week of panel discussions and presentations, the final two days of the course will consist of an interactive exercise, a simulation of a future Executive Council consideration of an on-site inspection request. This exercise will challenge participants to put into practice the ideas and concepts discussed throughout the course.

The CTBT Public Policy Course: Verification through Diplomacy and Science may be taken completely online or in person in Vienna.

There is no registration fee for participation in the course either online or in-person.

More course details, including the course agenda, will be made available soon.

Target Audience

The course is open to anyone interested in the CTBT and its verification regime including, but not limited to, diplomats, government representatives, staff members of international organizations, NDC analysts, station operators, researchers, journalists, students and other members of civil society. Given the timing and scope of this course, newly arrived diplomats or international organization staff members may find participating in this course beneficial.

Course Registration

To register for the course, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for a CTBT Education Community account here
  2. After your account has been activated, navigate to the course homepage and self-enrol in the course
  3. If you plan on participating in the course in-person in Vienna, please follow the additional steps below

Please contact us at education@ctbto.org should you have any questions about the course or the registration process.

In Person Participation in Vienna

Participants who plan to take the course in person in Vienna are requested to submit a CV and brief statement of motivation as part of the enrolment process. The deadline for in-person participation registration is 25 August.

With financial support from the European Union and the Kingdom of Norway, limited funding is available to cover travel to Vienna and accommodation for individuals from developing countries. Participants requiring funding should indicate in their statement of motivation that they request funding for in-person participation and explain how they would benefit from the course and how the skills and knowledge acquired during the course would be put into practice. The statement of motivation should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than 4 August. Funding is contingent upon the applicant securing a visa if applicable.

Following acceptance, all participants will be expected to complete the online e-learning modules on the CTBT Education Portal prior to the 1 September, as well as obtain a Certificate of Successful Completion by meeting all course requirements by 10 October 2014.

Confirmation of Participation in Vienna

Once your application for in-person participation has been approved, an e-mail notification as well important logistical information will be sent by a course administrator.

Online Course Participation

The course homepage will serve as the main reference point for accessing all course materials including the online interactive modules, quizzes, updates and discussion forums. A live stream of all course lectures and presentations, as well as an archive of these sessions will be made available on the course homepage for later viewing. Participants will also have an opportunity to submit questions and comments to course presenters in advance of each session or in real-time on the course homepage.

The Executive Council simulation will present collaborative opportunities for participants to provide various inputs in support of developing the position and strategy for each country team. Dedicated discussion forums and collaborative workspaces will be available for each country team facilitating cooperation between online and in-person participants. The assignment of country teams will take place on the week of 25 August. Please note that individual requests for country assignments will not be accepted as the assignment of country teams is an automated process.

Course Format

The course will consist of the following elements:

  • robust interactive online modules (available week of 14 July);
  • live lectures from leading CTBT experts (1 – 5 September);
  • a simulation exercise (8 – 9 September);
  • assessment quizzes (to be completed by 1 September);
  • a peer reviewed essay (to be completed by 23 September);
  • and a final quiz (to be completed by 10 October);.

Participants who successfully complete the course requirements will be issued a Certificate of Successful Completion.


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