FYRP: P5+1 Debrief

After a departure from our regular content, it returns!

P5+1 Briefing – US Dept. of State | Finally, the text of the background briefing on the P5+1 negotiations!  I wonder what the entrance to the negotiations looked like…  Aside from this briefing, details have been scarce.

Majid Rafizadeh – CNN | The main question everyone is asking: who won the first round of the Iran-P5+1 negotiations?  Mr. Rafizadeh seems to think that Iran has the upper hand.

Iranian Nuclear Proposals – Arms Control Association | Let’s look back through time and see all of the failed Iranian nuclear negotiation proposals!

Thomas Erdbrink – New York Times | Hey, the recent negotiations seem to have perturbed certain hard-liners.  The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament is not too happy about the latest round.

The Economist | The Economist sees hope for an Iranian nuclear deal.  However, it is a bit optimistic about the power point presentation (which probably went more like this).

Paul Kerr – Congressional Research Service | Paul Kerr’s 2012 report on the state of the Iranian nuclear program.

The Jerusalem Post | Apparently, Iran has not ceased 20% enrichment, contradicting recent claims by Parliament Member Hossein Naqavi Hosseini (who heads the Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee).

Scott Peterson – CS Monitor | Mr. Peterson argues that the secrecy surrounding the talks is just ammunition for Iranian hardliners.  Hey, more published details would make my job easier.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of FYRP.