FYRP: Like Watching Grain Dry

It’s BBBBBAAAAACCCCCCKKKKK! After a test-and-paper filled odyssey, FYRP has returned!

38 North | Several authors have created an image of life at North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear facility.

All Things Nuclear | The House Armed Services Committee marked up the Defense authorization bill several days ago.  It contains 14 Ground-Based Interceptors, and a substantial East Coast missile defense site.  But guess what? The Pentagon doesn’t want another site. More from Michaela Dodge and Colin Clark.

CS Monitor | Scott Peterson, following Iran’s presidential final debate, finds Iranian nuclear diplomacy to be just as contentious inside the country as it is internationally. Also: Louis Charbonneau of Reuters probes the Supreme Leader’s role in nuclear talks.

The Bulletin | Kingston Reif declares that nuclear spending cuts are (gasp) a good idea!

SIPRI Yearbook | Unlike the DoD Iran Report, you can read this Yearbook. Go ahead, skip to chapters six (world nuclear forces) and seven (nuclear arms control and non-proliferation). I won’t tell.

CS Monitor (again) | Instead of sitting back and waiting, Matthew Bunn says, President Obama can make like Kennedy and ease sanctions on Iran in attempt to build trust. Similar idea from Ryan Costello.

Foreign Policy | John Arquilla says that cyber warfare follows the same rules as conventional conflicts. (Zachary Fryer-Biggs finds some touchiness around offensive measures.  Michael Joseph Gross reports that casualties are already piling up.)

Ynet News | The United States successfully tested a bunker-buster bomb that can destroy the Fordow Nuclear Facility.  But some say, so what?

BBC | I hope the Flemish don’t take the nukes we put in their country.  Otherwise, they might come back for New York.

Flickr | Inside the IAEA’s Safeguards Analytical Laboratory.  No pressure. 

We hope you enjoyed this edition of FYRP.


  1. SQ (History)

    Welcome back.

    If the Flemish got ahold of nuclear weapons, they might use them against the Walloons. Or vice versa.

  2. Susi (History)

    Well, the Flemish already kind of have those US nukes- considering Kleine Brogel is in the Flemish part of Belgium. I don’t think the Walloons really factor in, but there is a history of somewhat tense relations with the Dutch.. Now, if the Belgians wanted to get offically transparent with it- more than youtube at least, (see this piece to get the “inside view” http://youtu.be/a1fnDhwWm-U) that would really show the Dutch!