FYRP: Nuclear Budget Special

Yes, it’s another edition of For Your Reading Pleasure!

Center for Public Integrity | R. Jeffrey Smith reports that the Obama administration is shifting funds from nonproliferation to the nuclear weapons complex. More from John Fleck. More from Kingston Reif. More from Stephen Young.

YouTube | Excerpt from President Obama’s speech of April 5, 2009.

The State | Some aren’t too happy with the proposed cuts.  Fiscal responsibility only goes so far.

Verification, Implementation and Compliance | Andreas Persbo says nuclear policy wonks at the Carnegie Conference have a “hangover.” But they like to Tweet.

Russian Forces | Pavel Podvig asks, did Star Wars really end the Cold War?

Washington Free Beacon | Bill Gertz asks, did the Cold War really end?

The Foundry | Ex-intel analyst Bruce Klingner puts the DIA’s assessment of North Korean nuclear missiles into perspective. More from George Little.

The Borowitz Report | Andy Borowitz: U.S. cyber-offense capabilities will thwart the North Korean threat.  He must have received this press release.

We hope that these articles provide ample discussion and debate material until the next FYRP.


  1. Anon2 (History)

    Regarding the DIA report, it is not surprising in the interest of a diplomatic solution that the Administration played down the probability assessment.

    What is more interesting is now that Kerry is in China, the Musudans sit on the pad and the DPRK propaganda has toned down, at least as reported in the press that I scan.

    Maybe the China diplomatic solution will work?

  2. Magpie (History)

    I like these old-skool blog posts!

  3. Christoph (History)

    In related news to Item #1, there is a job-opening for the B61 LEP Working Group on gov jobs site!