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As one of the continuing efforts to provide additional resources to our readers,  I thought I would provide links and article lists of the KPA Journal by Joseph S. Bermudez Jr.

KPA Journal is a valuable resource on the Korean People’s Army.  Each issue and article title are listed after the jump. Special thanks also to North Korea Leadership Watch.

Vol 1, No-1:  Salvage of a DPRK “Mother Ship” |  KPA Engineer River Crossing Units During the Fatherland Liberation War, Part 1

Vol 1, No-2: KPA Engineer River Crossing Units, Part 2 | KN-02 SRBM | Editor’s Notes | Endnotes

Vol 1, No-3: KPA Engineer River Crossing Units, Part 3 | Scud B SRBM | KPAF Fortified SAM Base | Editor’s Notes | Endnotes | Addendum: Hang-gang Bridges | Addendum: KN-02 TEL

Vol 1, N0-4: Noto-Hanto Infiltration, March 1999 | P’okpoong (Storm) Main Battle Tank | DPRK Intelligence Agencies, 1967-1971 | Editor’s Notes | Endnotes

Vol 1, No-5: DPRK Intelligence Services 1967-1971 | Part 2, Han-gang Bridges June-August 1950 | Editor’s Notes | Endnotes

Vol 1, No-6: DPRK Intelligence Services 1967-1971, Part 3 | Addendum: P’okpoong Main Battle Tank | Editor’s Notes

Vol 1, No-7: The KPA Mechanized Infantry Battalion | BTR-60 in KPA Service | Addendum: Han-gang Bridges |Addendum: P’okpoong Main Battle Battle Tanks | Editor’s Notes

Vol 1, No-8: KPA Engineer River Crossing Forces | A Look Inside a DPRK “Mother Ship | Editor’s Notes | End Notes

Vol 1, No-9: Mi-2 Hoplite in KPA Service | KPA Lessons Learned from Foreign Conflicts | Vice Marshall Jo Myong Rok | Vice Marshall Yi Tu-ik | Editor’s Notes | Endnotes

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