James ActonA Freudian Slip?

From yesterday’s Global Security Newswire:

The United States and India removed an “albatross across our necks” by sealing a civilian nuclear trade deal and can now look forward to cooperation in other sectors, New Delhi’s departing envoy to Washington said yesterday.

The relationship “still has to reach a certain critical mass,” said Ambassador Ronen Sen, who spent 4 1/2 years as India’s top official in the United States. “But today I don’t see any major area where you have a difference in terms of long-term objectives — none.”

Given some of the concerns about the US-India deal—specifically, that it will allow India to free up domestic uranium for fissile material production—I think the ambassador could have found a better way to describe US-India relations than heading toward a “critical mass”.


  1. Major Lemon (History)

    At least they are not going ‘ballistic’ with each other.

  2. peace (History)

    worlds’ two greatest democracies have finally reconciled after a bitter past of misunderstandings …India is the only true unbroken democracy since independence in that part of the world and among a few in whole of asia.. its’ responsible non-proliferating trackrecord and continuous calls for nuclear disarmament on global nondiscriminatory scale gives immense confidence as an factor of peace and stability in asia… India may even act as a showcase for liberal democratic capitalist free society and a counterbalance to an authoritative communist china in future…. thus it’s a case of belated realization on the part of US and a welcome move to integrate India in global community.

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